Perfect Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is the kind of condiment you just don’t spend time thinking about. It is formless, yellow, and not instantly recognizable. It’s also not terribly popular. And I just can’t comprehend why it isn’t in everyone’s kitchen right at this moment. It’s a zingy, delicious spread on toast and the perfect filling to any kind of fruit tart or cake.
Also, it takes five minutes to make. That’s right, folks, you are only five minutes away to creamy and buttery and bright and sweet spreadable lemony summer. You don’t have to believe me, but whipping up a batch is a quick experiment, and one you won’t regret.

Perfect Lemon Curd

Try substituting limes or oranges for a different twist– or, even, a combination of all those!


  • the fresh juice of 3 lemons, strained the zest of 1 1/2 lemons
  • 3 whole eggs, lightly beaten
  • 6 tbs. butterscant
  • 1/4 cup sugar


Melt the butter over low heat in a medium sized saucepan. Combine all the remaining ingredients in a bowl and set aside until the butter is gently melted.Once the butter is melted, keep the flame on low while you pour in your golden egg-lemon-zest-sugar mixture. Very lightly whisk the curd in the sauce pan for a few minutes. It’s important to keep scraping the bottom of the inside of the pan so nothing sticks and burns. Keep an eye on it– it should only need to cook for about 3-4 minutes, or 5 minutes at the most (click here for more information).

You will know when it is done because, quite suddenly, it will change texture to a thicker consistency to what you were just stirring. Once it has thickened, quickly pour it into a clean bowl. Be mindful not to overcook it or it will turn grainy and weird (to put it plainly). If it does, just cool it immediately and run it through a food processor to smooth it out. Put the bowl of curd in the fridge and use at will! It’ll keep for a few days in the fridge– but why wait? Use it for breakfast and dessert!

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Pill Grinder | Best Grinder for Weed

I know how frustrating it can be to manually try and grind your pills down. For one, they go everywhere and you can never get the consistency you want. That’s why I highly recommend using a high-quality pill grinder. This will greatly improve your experience. Pill grinders are extremely useful when dealing with people they cannot swallow pills themselves. Their uses far surpass this; use this to medicate your pets or even small children. There are many varying pill grinder is on the market, some were of very high quality and affordably priced, While others charge a premium and failed to deliver. On this page I will review a wide range of pill grinders available at affordable prices. Read on for the detailed review!

Ultra Pill Crusher

The triple crusher is an extremely affordable pool grinder, coming in at under $10 this offers basic features that will fit most people’s use needs. It features an ergonomic grip that allows easy use of the growing function. Made from durable plastic this provides a safe and easy grinding experience. This pill grinder easily pulverizes hard to swallow pills, while its grip allows even weak hands to use it with ease. This product has great use reviews; with many users stating that unlike other products the threads wont clog! Users stated that it was thoroughly well manufactured and was of high quality, especially for the price.

Even professionals in the healthcare industry rave about the quality of this affordable pill grinder. With a nurse stating “my co-workers and I in my hospital unit also the crusher works just fine and you will like the grip”. What user mentions a very valid point, he states that this pool grinder is advertised to pulverize pills down to a fine powder. This is ideal for when the pills contents needs to be mixed into a drink or some kind of solution. The lumpy and consistent grind this colour grinder produces is not suitable for that use, if this is what you seek from a pool grinder read further below will be discussed grinders that can accomplish this. All in all this is a decent pool grinder for the price, however if a fine grind is what you require Read below where we discuss grinders that can do this.

VitaCarry Pill Grinder

this grinder features and easy to use motorized design. A powerful book and motor allows it to easily grind down pills in just seconds. This is accomplished with a simple push of a button. Another bonus is that the part that comes into contact with the pill is fully dishwasher safe so is very easy to clean. This product has been featured on good morning America and is an excellent gadget for seniors who cant operate a manual pill grinder. The newest model released is more powerful than ever, better yet it’s faster and more portable than ever before. This grinder is far more convenient than a hand cranked pill grinder and far better then a typical mortar and pestle. The simplicity of its design means very little wastage.

This pill grinder features an extremely useful function where you can insert at the pills and grind them down straight into the solution you want to place them in. This is especially useful for pets as you can grind pills straight into their food. This is often a far easier method in trying to force and them to swallow pills.

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Super Heroes with Disabilities DO Exist…

It started out like everything else I do, with the best intentions. Then, like with almost everything, it went horribly wrong. Sunday we were driving to meet family and my best friend for dinner. Occasionally I try to start a fun debate between my boys. Starting a debate is like going through labor, you really do forget the hours and hours of screaming, and you innocently think this time it won’t be as annoying, but it always is.

I very innocently asked my husband and my son, “If you had a superpower, what would it be?” I think my son wanted super strength. Bobby wanted the ability to change matter. Nick now wanted armor and a trained dragon who breathes fire at will.

I feel I need to do a disclaimer right about now. In “real life” my husband truly believes I can do anything I set my mind to do. I know I should put him on anti-delusional medicine but I’m afraid after they kick in, one morning, his eyes will wake up, slowly focusing on me, then he’ll scream in horror. But til I put Bobby on meds, he truly believes I’m all that… but occasionally he gets a wild hair and will playfully annoy me. Really really badly.

Super Heroes with Disabilities DO Exist

I am now jealous that Nicholas has a dragon so I throw my superpower in. “I want the ability to fly.” And Bobby, without taking his eyes off the road asks… “If you have a spasm while you’re flying, do you drop like a rock?” Why did my handsome husband go there? Why? It’s a game, come on. Then I thought “Wonder Woman, with a magic lasso.” I thought he would like that. He’s the nerdy type. I can totally see him hiding a photo of Linda Carter under his bed. Without skipping a beat he goes, “If you tried to use the lasso, you’d tie yourself up.” Because I’m stubborn beyond my years, I kept trying and he kept popping my superhero bubble. As Cat Woman, I’d cut myself with my claws. And the cruelest, if I was a shape shifter, Bobby suggested that I’d probably sneeze in the middle of a change and return with loped sided breast. Now that I think about it, he isn’t really a nice man.

With my pist-off-laser-beamed wifely look, my one super-power he cannot deny he finally stopped. You’d think that would end this most disturbing conversation but no it got worse. Changing gears he now explains how every power, if in the wrong hands, seems a little perverted. Yeah, just don’t think about it.

Super Heroes with Disabilities DO Exist

Did I mention I hate losing a fight and I cannot let anything go? So the next day, instead of being productive, in a moment of procrastination and lingering annoyance, I decided to research super heroes with disabilities. I love Google. Right there, a link to “The 10 Greatest Disabled Superheroes of All Time”.

Included on this list are: Professor X. Everyone knows he has a cool wheelchair and has telepathic powers.  Daredevil maybe blind but the radiation that caused his disability also heightened his other senses, especially giving him bat sensor. And Cable from Marvel Comics, I’m not sure what his disability is but the half cyborg half hunky look really works for me. So there. There are superheroes with disabilities that rock. So I win, case closed. And if Bobby is smart, he’ll give this to me. Because I do have the greatest power of all, the power of nagging til he concedes. If only my powers could be used for good, the world would be a better place. Now that I think about it, maybe I should just embrace my darkness. I bet there are some really cool villains with disabilities. Plus Bobby definitely won’t argue about my evil powers. Cool.

On a side note, don’t forget first designer T-shirt contest starts in seven days! You know you were looking for a reason to buy a new box of crayons!

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